All Timesheets must meet the following criteria, otherwise they will be rejected.

Legibility – Please make sure that the following details are legible:

  1. Your Name
  2. NMC Number
  3. Booking Ref No. (If supplied)
  4. Hospital Name
  5. Ward
  6. Band/Grade
  7. Date worked
  8. Start Time
  9. Finish Time
  10. Break Start /End  Time or Break total time
Payable Hours
Authorised signatory (Name, designation, Signature, date)

Please do not take pictures of multiple pages in one shot and send us that, as it reduces the resolution of the picture or scan, and the time sheets cannot be printed in a legible way. Please take one sheet per photo or scan, which should cover four corners of the TS. You can send multiple sheets in one file as a PDF but not all the sheets as one page. So, avoid taking one picture of all the sheets, “one picture one sheet”.

All timesheets must be signed by the authorised person in charge, from the ward and again that signatory details should be legible as well.

Any over-writing shall be signed by authorised signatory otherwise it will be rejected.

Any wrong days against the date will be rejected.

Please try to send a PDF file when possible.

Please ensure you send timesheets to the correct department to ensure payments on time.

Umbrella Pay Candidates : timesheets@nisistaffing.co.uk

PAYE Candidates : payetimesheets@nisistaffing.co.uk

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